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Christmas Box 2023 kr.13500
Food Coop Box kr.7700
FRUIT ONLY Box kr.6000
Gift Certificate
Price: kr.0 kr.0 (20% off)
Organic Avocado MX 3pcs kr.800
Organic Banana 1kg COkr.785
Organic Beetroots Candy DK 1kgkr.800
Organic Beetroots DK 1kg kr.350
Organic Beetroots Gold DK 1kgkr.800
Organic Bergamot Orange 3pckr.750
Organic Black Salsify NL 1kgkr.1150
Organic Blade Celery ~375g ESkr.650
Organic Brussel Sprouts NL 500g kr.600
Organic Celery Root NLkr.650
Organic Champignon Brown 300g NLkr.650
Organic Clementines with leaves ES 10pcs/1kg kr.1100
Organic Coconut 2pc CIkr.1200
Organic Courgette ES per piece mediumkr.325
Organic Cucumber NLkr.400
Organic Endive NL 2pckr.785
Organic Fennel ITkr.225
Organic Garlic ES 3pcs 250gkr.690
Organic Ginger PE 250gkr.450
Organic Grapefruit 2pc ESkr.650
Organic Hokkaido Pumpkin DK 1kgkr.720
Organic Iceberg Lettuce ES kr.475
Organic Jerusalem Artichoke / Sunchoke 1kg DKkr.840
Organic Kale Red 200g DK kr.200
Organic King Oyster Trumpet Mini 200g NLkr.1250
Organic Kiwi Green IT 500g
Organic Kohlrabi with Leaves IT kr.325
Organic Leek NL 3pcskr.450
Organic Lemon IT 5 piecekr.900
Organic Lime PE 6pckr.840
Organic Medium Carrots 1kgkr.900
Organic Mini Romaine Lettuce 2pc GREENkr.780
Organic Oranges Loose ES 1kgkr.1140
Organic Pak Choy NLkr.750
Organic Parsley Root 1kg DKkr.1150
Organic Parsnip 1kg DK kr.720
Organic Passion Fruit CO 4pcskr.1000
Organic Pears Conference NL 1kg kr.775
Organic Pineapple CR per piece kr.400
Organic Pointed Cabbage Green DKkr.780
Organic Pointed Cabbage Red DK kr.500
Organic Portabello Mushroom 200gkr.720
Organic Purple Carrots 1kgkr.1200
Organic Red Onion NL 1kgkr.870
Organic Red Pepper NL pc kr.200
Organic Red Savoy Cabbage DK per piece ~1kgkr.950
Organic San Marzano Cherry Tomato DK 250g kr.600
Organic Savoy Cabbage FRkr.800
Organic Shallots DK 500gkr.1080
Organic Spring Onion MAkr.540
Organic Sweet Potato ES 1kgkr.1150
Organic Tumeric 150gkr.450
Organic Yellow Onion NL 1kgkr.575

Where are the boxes available?

We are currently delivering to the following locations:

101 Reykjavík (Delivery Only)
220 Hafnafjörður (Pallett Cafe)
700 Egilsstaðir
710 Seyðisfjoörður
730 Reyðarfjörður
735 Eskifjörður
740 Neskaupstaður
750 Fáskrúðsfjörður
755 Stöðvarfjörður
760 Breiðdalsvík
765 Djúpivogur
780 Höfn
785 Öræfi


How can I place an order?

By clicking the FB Messenger Button on the bottom right of the screen, you will be prompted to submit an order through our automated system.


How much do the boxes cost?

8.500kr for large boxes
5.000kr for small boxes (only available in the East)

When subscribing weekly, large boxes are discounted by 1.000kr and small boxes are discounted by 500kr.


How do I pay for my box(es)?

We will bill you directly to your bank account on a weekly basis.


When do the boxes arrive?

Boxes arrive Wednesday to Friday, according to any weather and transportation delays.


My town isn’t listed. Can I request a new delivery location?

Absolutely! Subscribe via Facebook Messenger on the bottom right of the screen and mention your desired area code and town.


Can I order wholesale?

Yes! Please email us to order for for your restaurant or to let us know that you would like to receive weekly product lists.


Should we keep our empty boxes or recycle them?

Most pickup locations can accept them for us, but please check with them directly first. You can also give them to your delivery driver.

Otherwise, please recycle your box.


Is everything organic?

We order as much organic produce as we can, however each box will have some quality conventional items that we have included for flavor, ripeness, the season and their trusted producer.


What are the hours of the pop-up shop?

In Seyðisfjörður, we are open at the Orkan Gas Station from 13:00 – 15:00 on Sundays.


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