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03 February 2022, Week 05 – Food Coop Box Contents

Organic Puntarelle/Catalogne Chicory
Organic Arugula IT
Organic Potatos Medium DK
Organic Purple & Orange Carrots DK
Organic Bobby Beans NL
Organic Leeks NL
Organic Beetroot Mixed DK
Organic Ginger ES
Organic Mini King Oyster Trumpet Mushroom NL
Organic Red Swiss Chard IT
Organic Garlic EG

Organic Mango PE
Organic Apples Gala IT
Organic Blood Orange IT
Organic Grapefruit ES
Organic Lemons with Leaves IT
Organic Clementine with Leaves ES
Organic Avocado ES

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blood orange

20 January 2022, Week 03 – Food Coop Box Contents

Week 03 - 20 January 2022 We are super excited about the Food Coop Box for Week 03, a completely Organic selection of amazing fruits and vegetables. Last weeks box sold out pretty quickly so please sign up while you can by sending a message to us on Facebook. -After a long wait (10 months or so), we get our prized blood oranges back! They are coming in smaller sizes this week, and are the first of the season.- The super rare Red Moon Apples ( yes the flesh of these apples are RED).-Our citrus suppliers in Spain have some Avocados right now, and if I remember correctly from last year, these are amazing quality and the season is kind of short so we are getting them while we can.Thank you so much for...

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13 January 2022, Week 02 – Food Coop Box Contents

Box Contents Fruits Organic Pineapple CR Organic Banana CO Organic Pears Conventional NL Organic Oranges ES Organic Lemon ES Organic Grapefruit with Leaves ES Organic Clementine with Leaves ES Vegetables Oyster Mushrooms IT Organic Escarole IT Organic Butternut Squash IT Organic Green Celery IT Organic Gold Beetroot DK Organic Purple Carrot DK Organic Ramiro Pepper ES Organic Pak Choy NL Organic Fennel IT Organic Ginger PE Conventional Garlic ES

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